Monday, October 31, 2011

QC Bibliography: Online Resources

If you'd like to whet your Quality appetite some more with some great web reading about the publisher, here is the portion of the Quality Companion's Bibliography that calls out meaty online resources.

Some of these sites are maintained by webmasters who spoke to me and added some great depth to the book. There's some great academic level resources here:

Black, David R. "A Freedom Fighting First." Fanzing. Michael Hutchison, ed.

Black, David R. "Fanzing Secret Files: The Freedom Fighters." Fanzing. Michael Hutchison, ed.

Cole's Comics. Paul Tumey. Fantastic blog all about this creator.

"Cartoonist Henry Martin donates art, books." Princeton University. 

Denis Kitchen and Kitchen Sink Press.  One of Will Eisner's most prolific publishers.

Digital Comics Museum.  Downloadable public domain comics. Christopher James Priest.  Editor/writer behind DC's 1990s relaunches.

Electro-Comics Golden Age Comics Downloads.  Good quality comic downloads, for a charge.

Femforce-Femfans. "An Interview with Bill Black."

Galactic Central. Phil Stephensen-Payne. An index of mens adventure magazines.

The Golden Age Directory.  A database of Golden Age heroes.

Golden Age Comics.  Downloadable public domain comics.

Google Books: Catalog of Copyright Entries. 

Grand Comics Database.  The mother of all comics databases.

Ingram Tony. "Who in the World Were IW Comics?" 

An International Catalogue of Super-heroes.  Biographies of varying lengths for many Golden Age characters.

Lambiek Comiclopedia. The authority on the careers of many comic book creators.

*Love, Edward. "Copyrights and Comics of 1940s." Golden-Age Comic book Super-heroes & Villains Encyclopedia. 

*Markstein, Donald D. Don Markstein's Toonopedia. Markstein's site reveals information not found in any other sources, though he does not cite his sources.

Mazzenga, Maria and Jordan Patty. "An Interview with Frank M. Borth." The Washington Research Library Consortium.  One of the artists on "Phantom Lady."

Mechanic, Michael. "Mad Man: Meet Al Jaffee, Cartoonist Icon of America's Longest-Lived Humor Magazine." 

Mougin, Lou. "Blackhawk Index." DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain! 

—. "Freedom Fighters Index." DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain! 

Norwitz, Michael. "An Earth-X Timeline." Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory.

Norwitz, Michael. "Freedom Fighters Villains List." Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory. 

O'Day, Stephen. Seduction of the Great site all about the early '50s attacks on comics.

Penton, Ted "Arming Soldiers with Ballots." 

Perez, Roger. "Alan Light 'Flashback' & Don Maris 'Remember When' Golden Age Reprints Cover Gallery & Checklist." STL Comics. 

Quattro, Ken. "DC vs Victor Fox: The Testimony of Will Eisner." The Comics Detective. 

Rozakis, Bob. "Canceled Comics Cavalcade," parts 1-9.

Simonson, Mark. "Interview: Phil Martin."

Stiles, Steve. "A Look at E.C. Great, Reed Crandall."

Stratton, Jerry. "The Annotated Will Eisner Dreamer." Negative Space.

Strentz, Herb. "John Cowles." Drake University, Cowles Library. 

"Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters Sketchbook." Newsarama. 

Offenberger, Rik. "Bill Black, Mark Heike and John Gotschall talk about FemForce." First Comics News.

United States Copyright Office 

United States Copyright Office Public Catalog.

United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The University of Pennsylvania. "The Online Books Pages."  Includes scans of the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

Unofficial Blackhawk Comics Web Site. Dan Thompson.

Who's Whose in DC Comics.  This project attempts to list all the original creators for DC, Quality and Fawcett characters, and is fairly accurate.

Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database.  This site has lapsed into disrepair but determined individuals can dig up its information.

Will Eisner: Official Web site. 2011. Will Eisner Studios, Inc. <>;.


A few brick-and-mortar libraries (aside from the Library of Congress) contain considerable comic book collections that include a good number of Quality Comics.

The Michigan State University Libraries, Special Collections Division. In East Lansing, Michicgan, this has an extensive microfilm collection, among other things.

Ohio State University: Cartoon Research Library. 27 West 17th Ave. Mall Columbus, OH 43210-1393. Ohio State has a large collection of Will Eisner materials. This link takes you to a guide to their extensive Will Eisner Collection.

University of Tulsa, Department of Special Collections, McFarlin Library.  This library has comic books on microfiche, including some Quality Comics.

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