Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lady Blackhawks

Today many DC fans know Zinda Blake, the Lady Blackhawk thrust forward in time to become the brassiest member of the Birds of Prey. But before her debut in Blackhawk #133 (Feb. 1959), there had been several aspirants during the Quality era...

The first “lady Blackhawk,” Sugar, from Military #20 (July 1943). Art by Reed Crandall.

The second lady pretender, Eve Rice, from Military #34 (Nov. 1944); art by Al Bryant.
The third lady who would be Blackhawk (or She-Hawke), Sheila Hawke, from Blackhawk #40 (May 1951); art by Reed Crandall.
Fear was a frequent guest star. She never aspired to be a Blackhawk, and was never an adversary. This panel from her first appearance in Modern Comics #49 (May 1946); artist uncertain.
Two panels from the official Lady Blackhawk's debut, in Blackhawk #133 (1959, DC).
Hendrickson's daughter, Elsa, was likely slated to become a Lady Blackhawk in 1977. In the letters column of issue #249, "As for your requests for Elsa taking her place as a Blackhawk like her famous father, well, we'll have to tell you to keep with us. It seems your thoughts are very close to our own."
The lady is a Blackhawk—for real this time. Natalie Reed, from Blackhawk v.2 #3 (1988). Art by Howard Chaykin. 
In the "New 52" lineup of Blackhawks, Lady Blackhawk was raven haired, and the primary field leader. Her eye patch harkens recalls Natalie Reed. When Blackhawks #5 was solicited, it depicted a blonde Lady Blackhawk, which was either a trick or mistake. The final cover was corrected.

Don't foget Blackie the hawk, who first appeared in Blackhawk #75 (Apr. 1954); art by Dick Dillin & Chuck Cuidera. He only appeared once in Quality Comics.

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