Page 13
Lack of punctuation made the following line seem inaccurate. Powell did not draw Mr. Mystic for Iger, but for Eisner and Quality... 
  • WRONG:"Later, Powell drew “Mr. Mystic” and “Sheena” for Iger."
  • RIGHT: "Later, Powell drew “Mr. Mystic,” and “Sheena” for Iger."

Page 22
My nonexistent sports savvy shows: it’s “pinch” hitters, not “pitch.”

Page 32
When citing Edward Love's copyright research, I erroneously asserted:
"Love found proper original registration for most of Quality’s and DC’s titles, but no copyright renewals for any Quality material."

He did find some renewals made after Busy Arnold's death. From his site: 
"None of the titles of the 1940s that I researched showed renewal dates. Until we get to the 1950s books that would have been renewed in the 1970s. And, there it gets odd. The early 1950s issues of PLASTIC MAN and BLACKHAWK are renewed by Clare C. Arnold d.b.a. Comics Magazines up to the point the titles were taken over by DC. However DOLL MAN QUARTERLY #33 (1951) - 45 (1953) are renewed by DC even though it was not a title that was ever published by DC Comics and that there is NO RECORD OF TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHTS and the fact that the title continued to issue 47. "

Page 74
  • Paul Gustavson's son, Terry, does not live in Finland, but New York. I misunderstood him when we were corresponding.
  • It was Nick Cardy (signed even!), not Paul Gustavson who drew "Quicksilver" in National Comics #21–26 (March 1942–Nov. 1942).

Page 120
  • WRONG: "For Doll Man’s current continuity in the DCU, we jump ahead to Roy Thomas’ 1982 series, All-Star Squadron."
  • RIGHT: "For Doll Man’s current continuity in the DCU, we jump ahead to Roy Thomas’ 1981 series, All-Star Squadron."

Centaur's Cat-Man, 1939. By Tarpe Mills.
Page 143

  • WRONG: "[Madam Fatal] would get revenge on Carver by donning his last stage costume … to become the world’s first cross-dressing hero."
Edward Love points out that Centaur had previously published Cat-Man, a man dressed as an old woman (Amazing Man Comics #8 Dec. 1939), and the Headless Horseman, a woman dressed as a male ghost (Amazing Mystery Funnies #19, April 1940).

Page  144
Ace Comics' Magno appeared a couple months before Quality's Magno, in Super-Mystery Comics #1 (July 1940).

Ace's Magno, from Super-Mystery
#2 (1940).

Page 160
  • WRONG: "In 1983, Roy Thomas created the All-Star Squadron,"
  • RIGHT: "In 1981, Roy Thomas created the All-Star Squadron,"

Page 214
The caption for the Arnold Magazines is incorrect because the images were swapped out. Find an illustrated checklist of these titles at Cosmic Teams!

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