Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Human Bomb #1 Review!

Cover of Human Bomb #1.
Art by Jerry Ordway.
I enjoyed this issue a whole lot more than the bulk of  the Phantom Lady series. Even a tad more than The Ray, but we'll have to ride it out to see how it progresses. As it stands, this issue moves at a clip, getting introductions underway and moving right into the action. Perhaps things are getting more exciting now because some threads from the three series are coming together. Uncle Sam, who debuted at the end of The Ray, is already central to the current story.

Jerry Ordway provides full (and beautiful) art for the cover and interiors. No doubt this influences my impression of the book. But hey: comics are a visual medium and the quality of the art is going to affect the reader's impression, no?

The new Human Bomb's story begins three years ago in Afghanistan, where Sgt. Michael Taylor's troop of five Marines was ambushed not by Taliban, but by men in black body suits and gas masks. The men were shocked unconscious, and he apparently did not remember the incident afterwards.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Phantom Lady #4 Review!


Finally, in the last issue, the dialogue and story kick in to prime Palmiotti/Gray gear.

I feel sort of bad for harping on the art in this series, however it continued to disappoint. I can't think of much else to describe it except "serviceable." :(

Here's the page that I loved reading most. The personality of each character starts to shine and come off the page a bit better ...