Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toonopedia: Quality Stuff

Although the news isn't breaking, I just learned that Donald Markstein, the webmaster behind Toonopedia has been struggling this year with serious health problems. The site was down for a while, but is back up! I had hoped to talk to Don about his site while writing my book but now I understand why he might not have responded to my inquiries.

During my research for the Companion, I frequently found gems of information on Don's site that were unique. His long history and fandom of comics availed him of certain knowledge that is preserved by this site. Although he does not attribute any of the facts in his entries to sources or conversations, I trust his information. Nobody with a passing knowledge of comics could write the things found at Toonopedia.

To honor him, I've copied his Quality Comics related pages for you. This list also inspires me to do some new posts about Quality's humor and adventure strips. (The book's character profiles cover super-heroes only. It would take another whole book to do the rest!) Visit Toonopedia:

Quality Comics 
Mity Mite escaped even my notice!
It appears that after his first appearance in
All Humor Comics #1 (Spring 1946),
Mighty Mite was renamed "Atomictot," and he
appeared through issue #13, after which
the page count was reduced. Art by Ernie Hart.
Humor & Adventure Strips

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  1. Jeez, I had no idea. That's horrible news. Toonopedia is magnificent, and a body could spend ages reading the work already done there.