Friday, December 23, 2011

DCnU: Quality Watch 2


(1) Col. Andrew Lincoln, (2) Lady Blackhawk, (3) Attila, (4) Kunoichi, (5) the Irishman, (6) Wildman, and (7) Canada.

My profile for the new Blackhawks is up at Cosmic Teams! This series got off to a rocky start before it even hit stands. The initial creative team of Chuck Austen and Ken Lashley did not end up (fully) doing a single issue of the series. Initial reviews of the book were very mixed and I don't think anyone was wowed. Personally, I was disappointed at first that this was an entirely new Blackhawks, with no homage whatsoever to the classic team. But it has a charm all its own if you can read it on those terms. Mike Costa, ultimately wrote it; he had experience with G.I. Joe for IDW, and his Blackhawks reads somewhat in that vein. Message board chatter at DC seems to indicate that some readers have followed writer Mike Costa into this book.

Cover of Blackhawks #5
Nobody expected this series to sell like gangbusters, and the first issue ranked 77th in sales, with  36,013 copies. This was in the bottom five of the "new 52." Issue #2 came in at number 86 with an estimated 28,534 copies.

Also note that this is the first time that the book has been titled in the plural.

Solicitations for January's issue #5 have ramped up speculation, as it looks like the classic Lady Blackhawk might be making a return. This seems more in line with the "give them what they want" philosophy of the new 52.

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Bozo the Iron Man

This appearance was (just) pre-DCnU, but it was recent, in the final issue of Justice League of America #60 (2011). See him below, being torn up by Cyborg.

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William Von Hammer

This character was created by James Robinson and first appeared only in cameo in Superman #689. It was briefly told that Von Hammer was a German man, the great-grandson of Stormy Foster. He aided Superman's stand-in, Mon-El, in Europe.

Von Hammer has reappeared in the pages of Robinson's new Shade maxi-series, playing a central role in helping the Shade against his enemies.

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Plastic Man

Plas was one hero among many briefly considered for membership in Justice League International #1.

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