Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Phantom Lady #2-3

UPDATE: Preview is available at DC

DC has solicited the second issue. It looks like you can see the wristbands that the most recent Phantom Lady used. Those bangles had massive space-warping powers, used for teleportation and the like.

• PHANTOM LADY’s crusade to avenge her family’s death lands her in the hands of her worst enemies.
• Her tiny teammate, DOLL MAN, is on the way to save her.

Written by: Justin Gray,Jimmy Palmiotti; art by: Cat Staggs, Richard Perrotta; cover by: Stephane Roux
On Sale Date: 
Sep 26 2012

BTW I LOVED the National Comics: Eternity issue! I'll be writing that up. Buy it! It was the perfect reinvention of the character and I really hope to see more of it.

UPDATE: Phantom Lady #3 is on sale 31 October 2012 and DC says...
• Phantom Lady and Doll Man face the frenzied fury of Funerella!
• Can the newly formed duo stand a chance against this villain’s strange powers?
Funerella was a villain created by Palmiotti and Gray for 2010's Freedom Fighters series.

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