Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Plastic Man on DC Nation

Nothing tops the Freedom Fighters' appearance (plus Plastic man!) on Batman: The Brave and the Bold (November 12, 2010; watch a bit here).

But Plactic Man appears fairly regularly in DC's Cartoon Network shows. This includes Young Justice, where he is a member of the Justice League.

And there are the following shorts starring Plastic Man:

But did you know you can also play the Plastic Man games, Danger in the Secret Passage (easy) and Plastic Attack (hard for a game idiot like me)?! They're inspired by his appearances on Batman. Plas first appeared in the series' second episode and eight times total. It ran from 2008-11.

Aaaand what Quality character does this remind you of?...


• Aya’s experiment has knocked the Interceptor offline!
• Hal Jordan is stranded on a hostile planet – and his power ring is running low on energy!
• Will the change last long enough to help the Hammer Tribe defeat the Lizardriders?
Written by:  Ivan Cohen. Art by: Luciano Vecchio
On Sale Nov 14 2012

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