Saturday, December 1, 2012

Phantom Lady #4 Review!


Finally, in the last issue, the dialogue and story kick in to prime Palmiotti/Gray gear.

I feel sort of bad for harping on the art in this series, however it continued to disappoint. I can't think of much else to describe it except "serviceable." :(

Here's the page that I loved reading most. The personality of each character starts to shine and come off the page a bit better ...

From Phantom Lady #4 (2012). Art by Cat Staggs and Tom Derenick.

After the battle with Funerella, our new heroes wonder if they're cut out for super-hero life. On the other hand, Phantom Lady realizes that they've been going about their mission in the wrong way. Instead of playing it by the law, a vigilante approach seems more practical. But before they can strike out to target Bender on his home turf, their quarry tracks them down to their hideout. Bender wears a suit of super-armor equipped with high tech weapons. But none of that is a match for the abject horror of Phantom Lady's shadow realm. A quick trip into that black place steals Bender's sanity, and he's done for.

Just then, Uncle Sam and the Ray enter the picture, representing Homeland Security. Samuel wants them for his new team, and also promises to help Dane regain his full stature. He promises they will "see the world," and "defend the freedom of our nation and promote democracy and peace."

The series ends without a plug for the next mini-series, Human Bomb. Maybe in the digital age everyone who is interested in this already knows it's coming, but it seems silly to me to waste an opportunity to direct readers of Phantom Lady to the next "chapter."

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