Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Human Bomb #4 Review!

After finding themselves above Jupiter, the only survivors of their mission, Joan (ostensibly Miss America) and Michael the new Human Bomb find that the aliens are terraforming the moon. They also discover that the aliens had acquired a lost space shuttle from the 1980s.

They're overwhelmed but Joan taxes her abilities to sending a mental distress signal into space. Just then she is struck by a blaster that rips virtually through her entire chest. As she dies, she transfers all of her memories and knowledge into Michael.

From Human Bomb #4 (2013). Art by Jerry Ordway.

In a rage over her sacrifice, Michael begins killing all the aliens and begins to  use his powers in new ways. He propels himself through his feet (an homage to Hustace Throckmorton? See below).

From Police Comics #15 (1942). Art by Paul Gustavson.
He ultimately throws himself into their mine shaft and falls to the center of the moon—destroying it completely. He survives and is rescued by Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner). This raises the question: which Earth are these Freedom Fighters series on anyway. The books have been marketed as "outside the New 52."

When he wakes, he is in the Heartland (first New 52 mention). Uncle Sam greets him telepathically and invites him to join his team. He meets Doll Man, Phantom Lady, and the Ray. I was very satisfied with this series, moreso than the previous two. Nothing in the previews leads us to believe there is a new series in the making. Perhaps these were testing the waters and the sales weren't great. Previous books by these writers were great but also failed to gain traction.

Introducing the new Freedom Fighters; from Human Bomb #4 (2013). Art by Jerry Ordway.

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