Friday, March 16, 2012

Quality Comics Hero Profiles

Captain Triumph is created!
From Crack Comics #29 (1943).
Art by Alfred Andriola.
As I've mentioned before, with the Quality Companion still in print, I'm afraid that I have taken a lot of my original content offline, for now. Once the book goes out of print, I may repost it.

BUT I have just posted all of the Quality Character Profiles, albeit in truncated form. The listings of each character's stats, powers and special notes are largely intact, though. That said, there's plenty of things in my online profiles not found in the book, such as new character updates for Blackhawks, the Ray, Madam Fatal, and Von Hammer.

I also plan to continue fleshing out things like Blackhawk and the Spirit in ways that the book did not allow. For updates on these, always check back here.

(By the way, if you purchase it from TwoMorrows, you'll get a digital copy, too.)


  1. I want and plan to buy the book eventually. I just wish TwoMorrow's discount structure was more favorable. Their site only offers 15%, and I think it's about that through my comic supplier, where I buy/budget monthly purchases. I can do a lot better on Amazon, but I always put off Amazon orders, since I could buy the world there.

  2. I'm of the same opinion about Amazon: love/don't love. This book IS more expensive than most Companions, yes. But also bear in mind: when originally solicited, it didn't include the 60+ pages of color reprints, which were added rather as a bonus!