Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blackhawk: The Movie Serial (1952)

It's refreshing to find one thing related to Quality Comics that is so thoroughly covered that I have nothing to add!

I recently won this issue of Serial World #11 (Summer 1977), which was all about the Blackhawk Movie Serial made in 1952, starring Kirk Alyn. The article even includes an interview with Alyn, plus a full summary of every episode.

I contacted its former publisher, Norman Kietzer, and he was so kind as to permit me to reprint it for fans online! Please visit Norman's web site at the Westerns and Serials fan club!

The article itself was pretty cleanly scanned and contained a number of great photo stills from the serial, too. I've included all of that in the online version, and uploaded the images for your perusal below.

See the photos after the jump... 

>> Read it at Cosmic Teams! BLACKHAWK: A SERIAL WORLD FILMBOOK by Eric Hoffman

John Crawford (CHUCK) and Kirk Alien (BLACKHAWK) fly straight into perilous adventure.

Larry Stewart (ANDRE), John Crawford (CHUCK), Weaver Levy (CHOP CHOP), Don Harvey (OLAF), Rick Vallin (STAN), and Kirk Alyn (BLACKHAWK)
Blackhawk looks on in amazement as Dr. Rolf (WILLIAM FAWCETT) explains his new invention.
Carol Forman as “LASKA" in BLACKHAWK
CAPTURED—Blackhawk & Chuck finally get "THE LEADER" in Chapter 15 of Columbia's BLACKHAWK

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